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The Aim was to find a Group of Recognised Motor Enthusiasts with Experience in Different Automotive Sectors, put them all together and be able to do all things Automotive under one roof. That was done and The Tribe Dubai was Born.

With Specialists in Servicing and Diagnosing German Vehicles, the 4x4 & Off Road Scene, the Project Car Scene including Engine Swaps & Stance, and also in Conversions, Facelifts & Custom Fabrication, The Tribe Dubai is a True Complete One-Stop-Shop for all your vehicle needs.




From Minor to Major services, whatever your car requires, we can do it using only original parts and premium oils & lubricants.


From Minor to Major services, whatever your car requires, we can do it using only original parts and premium oils & lubricants.

Detailed Inspection Services

We provide a comprehensive 101 point check for pre purchases or just to give you peace of mind on your existing vehicle

Engine Swaps & Rebuilds

If you have a damaged engine or simply want to upgrade your car to a more powerful engine, our team will make sure you have the result you want

Car Projects

This is where we shine. From custom body kits to engine upgrade swaps and everything related including suspension and stance, you won’t find a better place than us.

Off-Road Specialists

From lift kits to suspension upgrades, from built in storage compartments to one off bumpers, we provide everything to ensure that you have the best off-road experience.

Body Kits, Conversions & Facelifts 

Whether you want to install a body kit or have us build you one, it can be done at The Tribe. Conversions and Facelifts for most vehicles including the G-wagon, Nissan Patrol, Lexus 570 & so much more are something we take pride in doing

Interior Work & Restoration

If there is any way you would like to improve the interior of your car we will be there to help you. From LED interior lighting to aftermarket audio and video equipment we do it all. With us your car will always look fresh from both  outside and inside.

AC Servicing & Repair

Dubai is definitely not the place to drive with a badly functioning AC. From AC Gas top-ups to complete servicing and everything in between is not a problem for our technicians.

Painting & Denting

From individual panels to full repays is what we like doing best. With a 6500 sq. ft. body shop and 2 paint booths, you wont need to wait long. Moreover we have our own paint mixing room, and Standox is our preferred choice of paint.

Wrapping, Ceramic Coating & Window Tinting 

Want to change your car colour without painting it, that’s not a problem, we can wrap it for you in any colour of your choice. On top of that we also offer a Ceramic Coating & Window Tinting Service

Polishing & Detailing

Is your car paint looking dull or faded? Is your engine covered in old oil and grease or your interior stained? Leave it with us and we will bring back that factory shine

Wheels & Wheel Accessories

From Classic to Modern Wheels, Wheel Spacers, Tires, Hub Rings & everything in-between, they are available.

Vehicle Accessories 

From specialist racing oils and additives to rim protectors, wheels, off road bumpers and more, we have it in our showroom or warehouse




Collection from your Home or Office

Same day Servicing – Never without your car

No need to Visit our Service Center


No Waiting in Queues

No Hidden Surprises or Charges

A Seamless, Tailored Experience


Only Genuine Spare Parts Used

Complete Service Visibility / Transparency

Experienced Teams in all our Fields



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